Direct Services

We offer assessment and direct service provision to clients between the ages of 2-12 years. A physician referral is required. Services are primarily provided in a clinic-based setting. Home-based and community-based services may be offered on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of individual clients.

Direct service hours are based on medical necessity as determined by formal assessment, current research and generally accepted standards of care and range from 10 hours per week to 40 hours per week. All direct services are provided one-to-one with a highly trained behavior technician.

We require a physician referral and completed Aspire Intake Packet prior to assessment or reserving a place on the waitlist if applicable. Please see our Contact Us page to get started!

We currently accept Private Pay, TRICARE West, Aetna, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid and can help you verify your specific plan’s eligibility and coverage of ABA therapy.

Behavioral Consultation, Training and Support

Aspire provides behavioral consultation services, training and support through the State of Alaska’s Complex Behavior Collaborative (CBC). The CBC is a consultative service offered by the State serving individuals with complex behaviors that present a threat of harm to self or others. The purpose of the CBC consultation is to improve client behavior, build capacity through training and improve the individual’s quality of life.

Complex Behavior Collaborative FAQ (PDF)

Family Training Services

Family and caregiver training is an essential part of any ABA program. Our goal in providing family training services is to give parents tools to be able to navigate both skill acquisition and decreasing in challenging behaviors in settings outside of the clinic. Family training is a requirement for all families with a child receiving direct services with Aspire and is individualized to meet the needs for the client and family.

Steps to Accessing ABA Services:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Contact Aspire
  3. Physician Referral for ABA
  4. Complete Aspire Intake Packet
  5. Insurance Eligibility Check
  6. Assessment
  7. Treatment Plan Development
  8. Insurance Authorization
  9. Begin Services

Community Training Services

Aspire believes in building capacity and relationships within the community. We strive to collaborate with other service providers and educational settings to create multidisciplinary support for the clients we serve. We offer training to other service providers, educational settings and first responders on ABA basics and specific ABA topics if requested. Please inquire through our Contact Us page for more information.

Supervision Services

We offer Supervision services for those interested in furthering their career in the Applied Behavior Analysis field, and who are enrolled in a qualifying program per the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. We have a comprehensive program that ensures students receive an eclectic learning experience. Our focus is on growing students to become ethical, competent, and well versed Clinicians who will run client-centered and individualized programs.