Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services, Consulting, Education and Supervision

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our clients and families and ensure the best possible outcomes for each of them by providing supportive collaboration, education, compassion and ethical service delivery. We achieve this by the use of evidence-based practices and individualized services to meet the specific needs of each client and family.

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What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is the application of the science of Behavior Analysis and is often the prescribed treatment for people with Autism. It is an individualized problem-solving approach and uses evidence-based practices to teach and strengthen socially significant skills and reduce maladaptive behavior that may be preventing someone from accessing their environment successfully. ABA assessment and programming are individualized to each client and their specific needs in order to achieve positive outcomes. An ABA program may target skills in communication and language, social skills, adaptive and daily living skills, cognitive skills, and/or motor skills.

Facts about ABA for Families (PDF)

Aspire is a Proud Member of CASP

CASP (Counsel of Autism Service Providers) represents the Autism provider community to the nation at large including government, payers, and the general public. They serve as a force for change, providing information and education and promoting standards that enhance quality.


Aspire Services

Aspire Behavior Solutions currently serves clients in a clinic-based setting in Fairbanks, Alaska. Please see our Services page for more information on the services we offer to clients and our community.

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